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INtegrated Big Data Platform with Machine Learning for infrastructure manaGEment and provisioNIng with multi SENSor Environments: INGENISENSE


Internet of Things and Industrial Internet are growing and emerging rapidly. Many industries are deploying IoT devices and sensors to digitize their state of the art industrial processes. However, as an expected out-come, tremendous amount of data is gathered and should be analyzed by systems to create informative and productive results. Thus, Big Data is inseparable part of IoT revolution.

The INGENISENSE project is aimed at building an IoT infrastructure with cloud based machine learning ca-pabilities for use in industrial applications. Specifically, INGENISENSE project aims to create a framework for developing smart sensors to easily operate with a cloud-based platform for Big Data infrastructure man-agement and provisioning Machine Learning applications as reusable assets. For instance, a predictive maintenance application for an industrial system will be deployed only with few clicks and redirecting IoT sensory data to endpoints of INGENISENSE. In the project of INGENISENSE, the following works will be performed.

  • Industrial IoT platform to perform data analytics provide both batch and stream processing of all kind of industrial sensor data for smart manufacturing;
  • A Big data based MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for smart factory will be developed. The platform will provide the functions to diagnose a failure of manufacturing equipment of electronic components in a mass production line located in different countries using IoT sensors through multiple sensor devices. The platform based on big data and ML/DL technology will enhance the capability of its diagnosis.
  • The AI and Big Data based platform will support the function to predict the problematic situation in advance to optimize the well defined manufacturing capability of MES based smart factory. It will provide the capabilities to analyze all kinds of data from sensors in real time or historical information and takes actions of prediction, diagnosis, detection, report of any malfunction of equipment in globally dispersed factories.
  • In INGENISENSE project, data interoperability in syntactic and semantic framework will be discussed and tried to resolve few issues. almost all kind of multiple industrial sensor data could be processed on our platform.

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